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Mission AE3 offers advice in matters concerning water quality and ecosystem functioning, and helps to optimise systems via modification of physical, chemical and biological factors: making clean process water and residuals that have economic value; offering management tools that minimise the disturbance of an ecosystem.  
Expertise AE3 combines technology and ecology for sustainable use of water in artificial or natural environments. The expertise is used in applied aquatic ecology, to solve problems around water management and recycling of safely treated process water. AE3 works at the interface of technology and ecology.
AE3 is the consultancy of Dr Jan W Rijstenbil, an aquatic microbial ecologist who graduated in wastewater treatment and water quality management (with hydrobiology and soil chemistry). He is specialised in ecophysiological research of algae - his PhD work was about salt tolerance and nitrogen metabolism (diatoms). Other research fields are: shellfish fouling; saline seepage and oxygen dynamics; metal toxicity; oxidative stress. He designed cultivation systems for benthic algae, phytoplankton and phototrophic biofilms, as well as experimental water circulation systems. He was the research leader of an EU project concerning a comparative study of macro- algal blooms in eutrophicated lagoons. Until 2006 he coordinated another EU project addressing the development of phototrophic biofilms; this included applied research (wastewater effluent polishing reactor). With AE3 he continued the development of a phototrophic biofilm reactor. He has been involved in engineering projects aiming at the ecological restoration of coastal lagoons.
Algae (plankton, benthos, periphyton) may be the key to the solution of the problem; AE3 Consultancy can conduct (qualitative and quantitative) microscopic research.